The Mofaz Direct brand and products are managed by Mofaz Dagang Sdn Bhd (“Mofaz Dagang”), a subsidiary under the Mofaz Group - a Malaysian conglomerate with over three decades of experience providing quality offerings in the Automotive, Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods (FMCG) and Technology sectors.

Established since 1977, the Mofaz Group started off humbly as a trading house before moving on with the times to incorporate Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Automotive, Biotechnological and other emerging technological offerings to its core businesses.  Today, the Group has not only become renowned brandname in the automotive sector and in selected consumer markets; it also manufactures its own bio-fuel and bio-fertilisers, and is actively involved in the development of the “green city” concept in Malaysia.     

As a marketing arm of the Mofaz Group, Mofaz Dagang is primarily involved in the provision of health & wellness products as well as other merchandises under the Mofaz Direct brandname.  Mofaz Dagang also runs the unique Mofaz Direct entrepreneur program which operates by the notion of “Wellness, Wealth & Wellbeing”, where aspiring members can fulfil their dreams of living a healthier, wealthier life.

Vision: Our Aspiration

“To become a leading global player in e-commerce and emerging wellness products stemming from new technologies by continually interpreting consumer benefits into high utility values and via the consistent attainment of Win-Win success together with our partners and associates”. 

Missions: The Mofaz Direct Way

The operations behind Mofaz Direct are epitomized by a set of corporate philosophies which dictate the way we work and serve our stakeholders: -

  • Wealth Creation
    To consistently create wealth and new opportunities in order to generate superior business performance, thus enriching the lives of our partners and associates, the community and the economy as a whole

  • Product Innovations
    To continuously enhance the standard and quality of life via innovative products that utilises only natural, environmentally-friendly resources

  • Solid Integrity
    To carry out our business activities in a dedicated manner, with nothing less than the utmost professionalism and integrity

  • Serving Customer Needs
    To put customers at the forefront of our priorities by continually seeking new ways to meet expectations and serve real needs

  • People First
    To create a caring, stimulating and rewarding environment for our business associates to grow into successful entrepreneurs in the global network business

  • Environmental Awareness
    To care for and give back to the society and the environments in which we operate and have a footprint